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Is Job Rotation Effective for Reducing Musculoskeletal (MSDs)Disorders in Manufacturing?

One of the questions I am asked frequently is what do I think about job rotation as a method to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).  Instead of answering this question out right, let’s answer it based on a recent meta-analysis study which looked to determine the effectiveness of job rotation to prevent and/or control the risk of MSDs.  The study, Job Rotation Designed to Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders and Control Risk in Manufacturing Industries: A Systematic Review, was published in the Applied Ergonomics journ

Where Things Stand Today In Regard To Sitting And Standing Desks

Sitting and standing workstations have been used in the office environment for several years now.  The initial reason for these devices to enter the office was primarily due to the awareness of the dangers of sedentary living, i.e. prolonged sitting.  Because of this, these devices are increasingly becoming commonplace.  More and more companies are offering standing options to their employees, and more employees than ever before are using these devices. 

Gift Ideas for the Office Worker On Your List

You have so many choices for the office workers on your list.  There’s lots of cool devices and equipment on the market that also happen to fall under the “good” ergonomic category.  For non-office workers, I don’t mean to ignore you.  It’s just a fact that gifts for the office worker are much easier than gifts for the shop floor or outdoor worker.  There are just too many variables that go into non-office job to compile a meaningful shopping list.  So, here’s a list of gift ideas for your officemates, family and friends:


Managing Office Ergonomics Without Drowning In Employee Requests

Are you being bombarded by employees who are asking for and submitting several requests for different equipment and changes to their workstations?  Are they beating your door down asking for the latest in sit-stand devices?  It’s good to have employees who are aware of their environment and are comfortable raising issues as that’s the best way to nip any musculoskeletal disorders in the bud early rather than well after the first symptom occurs.  However, these requests can swallow up all of your budget in no time.  So, what’s the best way to address and manage the requests while making sure