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COVID19 Got You Stuck Working From Home? Here's Some Tips to Help You Not Only Survive, But Thrive

If you're reading this blog, then I'm assuming you're working like I am--from home.  When this first all started, i.e. everyone work from home for 2 weeks, I and probably you "thought no big deal".  Not that it wasn't an inconvenience if you never worked from home before, nevertheless doing something for 2 weeks is doable even if the set up isn't perfect.  You may have started to feel a little discomfort here and there, but you've been working through it thinking that soon you'll be back in the office and it'll go away. However, now that the work from home edict has been extended for an unspecified amount of time, the need for having a comfortable, productive workstation at home is a necessity. 

There are things you can do to make positive changes to your work environment and work set up at home.  The first is doing a self-assessment of your home workstation.  I've created a tip sheet to help you identify potential risk factors and quick, simple solutions to fix them.  Click on this link for KED's Ergonomic Tips for the Home Office.  

If, after reading the tips and implementing the solutions, you still have issues or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.  We offer convenient and safe web-based assessments to help you identify and problem solve the issues you are experiencing.  

We're in this together for however long this lasts and want to help you make your work from home life as good as it can be.