People + Process = Performance


Whether you are looking for a small amount of guidance or a 'start to finish' project support, we have the solutions to help your organization.  KED’s simple and effective problem-solving methods are proven to be successful in all settings. Our innovative methods of assessing efficiency, productivity, qualtiy and ergonomic riskallow us to lead and guide companies on the highest impact opportunities. We look to provide achievable gains that are sustainable long after we have accomplished our consulting objectives.  Our philosophy is to "teach you to fish, rather than sell you fish".  Therefore, most of our services integrate several activities in order to maximize the value of our time with you.

We offer the following comprehensive services:

Do More With L.E.S.S.:  System, Assessment & Solution All In One

All to often organizations start a "lean journey" or implement six sigma or initiate an ergonomics program as silo programs which leads to less than optimal results.  We believe the best way to achieve world class business operations is use all of them at once and not have them "owned" by one department.  The world economy continually demands organizations and their people to "Do more with less".  We agree--but instead of having it be a negative we've turned it into a big positive.  Yes, let's Do More With L.E.S.S.and be successful and upbeat doing it! More


Our KED consultants are experienced at teaching and transferring their knowledge of ergonomics, lean, six sigma and systems thinking to the levels of all learners. Whatever the work environment, our training programs are tailored to match the specific needs of your workplace. More

Workplace Assessments

KED consultants review and analyze jobs for opportunities to optimize performance, improve efficiency while at the same time increase employee safety and wellness.  We evaluate the work environment using our holistic strategic approach and methodology of L.E.S.S. (Lean, Ergonomics, Six Sigma and Systems Thinking).  Improvement recommendations are supported by a detailed report which includes critical "must do's", beneficial "nice to do's", illustrations and equipment/vendor information as needed, and actions steps spelled out to ensure implementation is as smooth and easy as possible. More

Work Flow and Work Space Design

Whether planning for a new construction or remodeling an existing space, KED offers design consulting and solutions. We team with your architect and/or interior designer to bring create a space design that supports and enhances the end users abilities to perform their tasks. Think of us as your "systems analyst" working with and breaking down communication barriers between the software programmer (the builder, architect and interior designer) and the end user (you!). The result is a work space that actually works. More

Injury Risk Management

KED draws on the many years of experience gained from working with OSHA consultants, company management, human resource professionals and case managers in evaluating and addressing their work-related injury processes. We assist you in identifying the risk level of injury of each position and the root cause of your current injuries. We create a process which will help you eliminate those injuries and speed up the return to work process for the injured employees. We focus on developing a proactive, sustainable ergonomic process that is supported by the infrastructure and values of your company. More