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Workplace Assessments

KED consultants are skilled at identifying cost-effective, all-encompassing solutions to workplace problems. Our workplace assessment services range from the office to the industrial, from individual workstation assessments to detailed workspace, workflow and operational processes to identify gaps and needed improvements.  The assessment looks at all factors that put you at risk--quality, delivery/efficiency, and/or safety.   Our assessments serve as the basis for improvement recommendations which are supported by risk analysis and and cost justification data.

Office Assessment Services

Industrial Assessment Services


The KED Difference:

Holistic Approach to Accurately Assess Your Problems

  • Holistic Approach to Accurately Assess Your Problems
    We take a holistic approach to assess your issues.  If you ask us to assessment to evaluate for waste and process gaps, we will do so and also look at safety and health risks at the same time.  If you ask us to assess the ergonomic risk factors in a specific area, we will do so and examine the workflow and identify the wastes involved.  This is the only way to know if your issue truly resides in that "pocket of thought" or somewhere else.  Experience has taught us the symptoms are often not the root cause. 
  • Functional Solutions to Real Problems
    We provide detailed, documented solutions to ergonomic, efficiency and system challenges supported by objective information. All possible solutions are explored and reviewed in client meetings. A final report is delivered after all options have been exhausted.
  • Technical Capabilities and Practical Experience
    Every project team is led by a certified and experienced Ergonomist and/or Lean/Six Sigma Professional.
  • Low-Cost, High-Impact Solutions
    Our consultants focus on low cost, high impact solutions to drive improvements and success. We pride ourselves on keeping the solutions simple and practical. When improvements require equipment or modifications we will happily work with your preferred vendors to implement the solutions. We also have a trusted resource network that is able to do the same.