People + Process = Performance

Do More With L.E.S.S.™ Approach

Unique to KED is our Do More With L.E.S.S. Approach™.  We have combined and integrated Lean, Ergonomics (Human Factors), Six Sigma and Systems Thinking into one holistic management system and methodology which results in the greatest impact for organizational improvement in performance, productivity, efficiency and safety.  Each one of these methodologies and analysis systems have definite merit on their own.  However, the power and effectiveness of them to organizations increases significantly when they are combined, integrated and used at the same time.  

What good does it do to reduce waste and 5S (6 or 7S) an area if result doesn't fit the human mind and body? 

What good does it do to make a workstation fit an employee if it results in slowing down the work?

What good does it do to focus on improving one area without regard to upstream, downstream and sideways?

What good does it do to focus on fixing the vision and big picture without considering if the components and parts are capable and able? 

All to often organizations start a "lean journey" or implement six sigma or initiate an ergonomics program as silo programs which leads to less than optimal results.  We believe the best way to achieve world class business operations is use all of them at once and not have them "owned" by one department.  The world economy continually demands organizations and their people to "Do more with less".  We agree--but instead of having it be a negative we've turned it into a big positive.  Yes, let's Do More With L.E.S.S.and be successful and upbeat doing it! 

Do More With L.E.S.S.™ Services:

  • Audit your current policies and procedures to determine weaknesses, gaps and wastes utilizing the appropriate tools, principles and strategies from all 3 engineering disciplines
  • Identification of solutions for next steps which are outlined and delivered to your using the PDCA model
  • Implementation assistance--as much or as little as you need
  • Train management and employees on Lean, Six Sigm, Ergonomics and Systems Thinking (may include specific session on Change Management)
  • Annual check-up on your L.E.S.S. management and work systems
  • Assistance with benchmarking with other like-minded organizations

The KED Difference:

  • Practical Approach to Organizational Process Evaluation and Management
    KED audits your current work policies and procedures to identify current weaknesses and gaps.  We then determine solutions and provide recommendations to solve those issues. 
  • Integrated Systems and Processes
    KED identifies the strategic and technical elements needed to ensure the success of your L.E.S.S. initiative.
  • Implementation Solutions    
    We help you implement and sustain the comprehensive L.E.S.S. management system that is effective and fits within your company’s culture and structure.

Looking for Lean, Six Sigma or Human Factors/Ergonomics Specific Program, Assessment and/or Training? 

Are you already commited to a single or dual approach, i.e. Lean or Lean-Six?  Most companies are and because of this, we will tailor our services to meet you where you at.  We can help you devleop, improve or enhance your Lean, Six Sigma, Lean-Six or Human Factors/Ergonomics programs.  See Lean/Continuous Improvement or Human Factors/Ergonomics for more details.