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Speaking Engagements

Jill is an engaging and motivational speaker.  She has extensive experience as a keynote presenter for industry organizations and employers and as a technical presenter at professional development conferences.  Presentations can focus on broad topics such as innovation and organizational change or more narrow topics related to practical and technical methods and tactics using her many years of personal experience with lean, ergonomics and change management by means of working with a wide-range of organizations.

Below are a sampling of titles from her speaking engagements:

  • Culture:  This Case for Change vs. Status Quo
  • B.S.! (Be Safe): What's Up with That?
  • Why the Chasm? (Between Operations and Safety)
  • Myth Busted or Confirmed:  The Truth of Lean and Ergonomics
  • Coming Together:  Productivity, Comfort and Wellness
  • Leveraging “Lean/SS/Q” to Improve the Efficiency & Performance of EHS



Comments from Attendees:

"Very good presentation.  (Jill) knows her stuff!  The worksheet was fun and interactive and something to take home."--Alanna Schwanke, UMD-MEHS

"Best presentation today! (at NW ASSE PDC)--Kirk Leabo, Bituminous Roadways

"I thought this was very interesting.  Loved your real world examples!"--Anneke Schultz, Canadian Pacific Railways

"Your (Jill) presentation changed my understanding of health care lean/ergonomics. To be honest, I believe your presentation was the best one I attended in the conference (Applied Ergonomics 2011). Not to mention the solid materials in the presentation, you acted so confident, and your speech was so convincing. You gave the audience time to think about your ideas. I was very impressed."--Xinhui Zhu, Buffalo University Human Factors Dept

(At Annual Company meeting for all employees) "I have been receiving numerous positive responses to your presentation.  It was very thought provoking and you took the time to research our company and make a correlation to our business.  Thank you for your attention to detail.  I look forward to the potential of working with you in the future. Thanks again Jill!!"--Kirk Leabo, HR & Safety Director, Bituminous Roadways, Inc


Jill is eager to work with you to solve your problems, regardless of the size of your organization.  She’s easy to work with and accommodating.  Learn more about how Jill can help motivate and educate your employees or association members. Give her a call (612.454.1432) or send an email to talk about your needs and how she can help!