People + Process = Performance

Kelby Ergo Design offers services specific to industry.  We are experienced and proven in many industrial settings from a clean room to commercial construction to foundries to window manufacturing and everything in between.  Our services includes:

Onsite Workplace Assessments

This is when one of our senior consultants (ergonomics, lean and six sigma certified) comes onsite to assess your area(s) of concern.  Typical concerns include the need/desire to increase productivity, improve efficiency and cycle time, reduce errors and/or prevent work injury.    Assessments can be for a specific workstation or task, work area or entire production area.  Our assessment focuses on optimizing performance by identifying weaknesses related quality, efficiency and safety and providing effective and practical solutions. 

Implementation Assistance

We know first hand that companies want to execute the recommendations provide in our assessment reports but all too often their employees are juggling too many responsibilities which result in the recommendations just sitting there--collecting dust while other fires are being put out.  We don't want you to invest in our assessment services and have no results so we are more than happy to serve as an implementation facilitator in order to ensure the recommendations are carried out through completion.  Companies have found this to be a major benefit as they otherwise do not have the people, time and resources to devote to implementation.   

Lean, Six Sigma and Ergonomics Training

Group training is an effective way to educate management and frontline employees alike on the principles, tactics and methods of continuously improving their work environment, workstation and work processes.  We customize our training to fit your needs.  If you want to only focus on lean, then our training is on lean methodology.  If you want a holistic approach to problem solving workplace challenges, then we offer our "Do More With L.E.S.S." training that teaches key concepts and real world application of lean, ergonomics, six sigma and systems thinking.  We work with you to identify your specific objectives and goals from the training which then drives the content and training methods we use to deliver those results.