People + Process = Performance

Kelby Ergo Design offers services specific to the office environment.  Our services includes:

Onsite Office Workstation Assessments

This is when one of our certified ergonomists comes onsite to assess one or more specific workstations.  A single assessment typically lasts between 30-60 minutes.  Each assessment includes the onsite visit and the ergonomics report which summarizes the findings of the visit and recommendations.  As much as possible, modifications of the workstation will be completed during the evaluation.  For changes that can't be performed during the visit, specific recommendations will be included in the report.  Note:  We are not an equipment vendor.  For  recommended accessories/equipment we will specify the item and provide options for procurement.  At your request, we will offer recommendations on vendors and help facilitate procurement of the items. Onsite assessments are performed in the workplace or at home.

Office Ergonomics Training

Group training is an effective way to educate several employees or employee groups on office ergonomics.  Our most popular training is titled "Office Ergonomics 101:  How to Fit Your Workstation Like A Glove".  This is an interactive training in which attendees learn about common myths of office ergonomics, the truth about "sitting disease", and most importantly they learn how they can adjust their workstation to 'fit like a glove'.  We customize all of our trainings to meet your specific objectives and outcomes. 

Remote Office Workstation Assessments

For employers who have employees located at distanc where an onsite visit isn't practical due to geography or cost, we offer remote office assessments.  For this assessment the employee first completes a brief questionnaire and submits digital images of their work area to us.  Then one of our certified ergonomist will review the information and schedule a phone call or web meeting assessment appointment in whcih the information is reviewed and recommendations are given and hopefully tried during the call.  Despite the distance and lack of in-person observation, remote assessments are very successful at identifying the root cause and finding effective solutions.

Office Workplace Environment Design

Have you ever worked in an office environment that wasn't comfortable or conducive to working?  Have you ever thought "Who designed this and what were they thinking?" If so, you know exactly the purpose of this service:  to ensure the work environments supports and enhances employee performance, comfort and health.  We help you ensure the design, layout and furniture of your office optimizes the work flow and the work performed. When you are planning to remodel, move to a new space, think about going to a collaborative environment or simply planning to replace  specific furniture (chairs) or accessories (monitors) think of us as a consulting member of your team who makes sure the space and the items therein fit the people and the functions they perform.  By considering ergonomics, human factors and Lean office you will end up with an optimized work environment: Fit & Function + Aesthetics = A Productive Office