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What are KED’s expectations for a typical organization’s roles and responsibilities (at all organizational levels) during and after implementing improvement processes?

In order for our Client’s to achieve all of the operational improvements and results available to them it is imperative that the organization (or specific department(s) if there is a limited focus for change) embraces and is actively engaged in the KED project and the various changes resulting from our approach and methodology. While the specific roles and responsibilities will vary, the following are the key expectations that KED would have:

  • Streamlined decision making processes related to the project’s scope of work
  • Improved resource availability and utilization for “Corrective Action Teams”, etc.
  • Improved clarity and follow-up on performance expectations
  • Increased time in the work environment and interaction with employees
  • Reduced “fire-fighting” and improved timeliness of decisions
  • Establishing and following-up on corrective action plans and timelines
  • Identifying and eradicating root causes that are driving performance variances
  • Holding everyone accountable for the attainment and sustainment of the results
  • Instilling a culture of proactive communication and continuous improvement