People + Process = Performance

Workspace Design & Engineering

It is absolutely essential in today’s economic and competitive environment that workplace design be focused on optimizing human performance and efficiency. KED’s design solutions incorporate Lean methodology and ergonomic principles to maximize value and minimize efficiency in design, construction and operations.  Lean and ergonomically designed facilities are vital for 2 reasons:  1) If you don't have efficient workflow processes, you will have production and/or customer satisfaction issues.  2) If you don't create efficiencies from an operational standpoint that allow your employees to be optimally efficient of the delivery of services and/or completion of tasks, then you are, by definition, designing a facility that will not assist you in your mission of improving production and cost-effectiveness simulataneously. 

KED offers design solutions for multiple purposes. Whether it is workflow/space layout, furniture/ equipment selection, product design or manufacturing, our solutions are designed to transform your space from a cost center to a profit center. For new construction or remodeling projects, our consultants join with your project team, engineers and architect from the beginning to the end to ensure the final layout, furniture and equipment perfectly fits your employees and the tasks they perform.

The KED Difference:

  • Experienced Consultants
    KED’s consultants have years of experience of working on design projects. They work closely with your designers and architects to make sure that our solutions meet your goals.  
  • Practical Approach to Design
    KED insists on a high level of involvement from your key personnel to ensure that our solutions truly reflect the needs of your people. This results in functional and practical designs that emphasize productivity, performance and human comfort.
  • Implementation Support
    Every design solution is supported by data and detail needed to implement the improvements. Our recommendation report includes illustrations, measurement details, vendor/equipment information, action plans and ROI data.