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Top 5 Home (and Work) Office Ergonomics Mistakes (Part 1)

Working from home is commonplace these days.  Many companies who have employees that do computer-based jobs allow these employees to work from home—from 1 day per week to everyday.  Having a workstation that fits the employee well is just as important if they work from home as it is if they work in the office.  I’ve lost track of how many office ergonomics assessments I’ve done over the years be it at work and home (and travel, but that’s a totally different environment).  There are common mistakes or misconceptions that people make when it comes to their computer workstation.  Take a look

5 Common Myths (Misconceptions) of Sit-Stand Workstations that Employers Make

Sit-stand workstations (SSW) are the hottest topic when it comes to the office these days.  I’ve dealt with employers who, on one end of the spectrum, have decided to bring SSWs to all of their office employees and with employers who remain ambivalent and/or unconvinced that SSW are worth it who will only provide SSWs for medical reasons.   Wherever you and/or your company fall along that spectrum, there are certain “myths” of SSWs that need to be addressed in order to have a successful, effective and sustainable (and safe!) SSW office implementation.  The following are 5 Common Myths of SS

3 Common Ergonomics Mistakes


Most companies use ergonomics in some degree to address related to workplace injuries.  Unfortunately, despite their best intentions some companies make major mistakes with ergonomics.  Below are three common mistakes companies make with ergonomics:


Mistake #1:  The Wrong Emphasis