People + Process = Performance

Our Approach

By incorporating our unique Do More With L.E.S.S.™ approach and engaging your entire team, we create a culture and process systems of continuous improvement throughout your business.  Where everyone works together to drive operational performance and solve problems each day.  

All of our services are based upon the potential needs of you and your business.  We can keep the focus very small to a single department, work process or work station.  Or, we can take a value stream approach and focus the improvements across your entire company. 

What's Unique About Working With KED?

  • We don't pitch abilities; We ask questions to clearly understand your issues and objectives
  • Clients appreciate our straight forward and matter-of-fact approach (Frank--No Fluff)
  • We use a 'Plan-Do-Check-Act' approach to all of our services
  • We are long-term relationship builders, NOT just project/transaction focused
  • We are motivated by your experience, outcomes and success


Experienced and Certified Lean/Six Sigma and Human Factors/Ergonomics Consultants

KED’s consultants specialize in process efficiency, continuous improvement, human factors and ergonomics across a wide variety of workplace settings.  Every project is led by an experienced board certified ergonomist and/or lean/six sigma consultant.  Every KED consultant knows the challenges and the processes required to achieve efficiency, quality and safety results.


Do More With L.E.S.S. Approach™

KED utilizes a unique and holistic approach to business challenges that we call Do More With L.E.S.S.™.  L.E.S.S. stands for Lean, Ergonomics (Human Factors), Six Sigma and Systems Thinking.  We focus on the whole organizational operation as well as the individual parts that together make up the entire organizational system.  We design the system to include regular performance monitoring thereby ensuring continuous process improvement and long-term success. 

For wide focused improvements, KED’s approach starts with our holistic diagnostic methodologies, principles and tools of Lean, Six Sigma, Human Factors and Systems thinking.  In each case, we first gain an understanding a company's value stream, and then move rapidly to mapping out processes and costs. Next, we define a view of "full potential" through measures and analysis, and internal and, where appropriate, external benchmarking. Finally, we target areas for improvement and assist you in implementing and sustaining the improvements.


Practical Methods

Our root cause analysis methods are simple and functional.  We pin point the problems and find realistic, cost effective solutions that are easy to implement and sustain.  We make sure the return on investment supports the investment of time and cost for all improvements. 


Proven Results

KED consultants have a proven track record of saving our clients thousands of dollars by reducing waste, streamlining operations, eliminating bottlenecks and preventing worker injuries.  By focusing on the work systems and processes, clients have achieved significant gains in productivity, quality and efficiency.