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Risk Management

Risk Management can be related to the risks involved for production and quality or it can be with employee health and safety risks.  The occupational risk (employee health & safety) can have a strong negatively affect on employee performance which in turn spells trouble for your company's productivity and customer service. 

KED specializes occupational risk management and works with your management team and employees to develop the best risk management system and injury prevention processes for your needs. Besides addressing the risk for injury, we also make certain that your company’s policies and processes comply with OSHA and ADA regulations. As is true for any business system, injury prevention systems must be well planned and executed to be successful and sustainable. They must integrate with existing company systems in order for them to be effective and efficient.

Risk Management Services:

  • Physical and Cognitive Demands Analysis (PMDAs):  PMDAs should be a essential component of every job description.  Oftentimes, job descriptions are written exclusively for human resources (hiring) but lack the necessary information to prevent and/or effectively case manage injuries. 
  • Job Fit Accommodation Assessment (JFA):  A JFA assesses an injured employee's work abilities and compares them to the demands of the job.  A JFA incorporates a PMDA along with findings that address hindering factors, recommendations and necessary point of recovery to return to work. JFAs are very successful in reducing the time length of workers' compensation cases by providing objective measurements and analysis for the doctor, insurance adjuster, employer and employee.
  • Case Management Training for HR and Managers:  The handling of an incident from the very beginning will significantly impact the handling of the claim.  Managers and HR have the potential to effect not only the handling of the case but also to mitigate and potentially avoid false claims.
  • Ergonomic Process System (Program) Development and Team Training:  The Ergonomic Process (EP) is the foundation for you to optimize your business systems and employee performance.  KED's Ergoomic Process is built on the PDCA model (plan-do-check-act) for its simplicity and sustainability.  If you currently have a Lean Program in place, the EP can easily be integrated it.  KED highly recommends integration as both processes build off of and enhance the effectiveness of the other.

The KED Difference:

  • Practical Approach to Risk Management
    KED develops an injury and ergonomics management system that is effective and fits within your company’s culture and structure.
  • Integrated Systems and Processes
    KED identifies the strategic and technical elements needed to ensure the success of your ergonomics initiative.
  • Implementation Solutions    
    KED can guide your company in developing policies, standards and metrics in order to effectively manage your risk.  This includes of the development and integration of the Ergonomics Process into Lean.