People + Process = Performance

  • Reduce Cycle Times
  • Improve Safety and Wellness
  • Engage Employees
  • Need to Increase Efficiency
  • Lasting Results

KED brings Efficiency, Productivity & Ergonomic Advantages to Today's Workplace

KED is full service workplace lean/process improvement, efficiency and ergonomics consulting firm based in Minneapolis, MN.  We focus on leading companies through changes, however targeted or sweeping they may be.  We deliver real-world solutions that impact the productivity, efficiency, quality and safety. At KED, we believe People + Process + Environment = Performance. In order to optimize business performance, we use a unique approach that combines Lean, Six Sigma (process improvement), Systems thinking and Human factors along with Change management into all of our services. We help companies navigate and build the bridges necessary to overcome the typical divide between operations, quality and safety by assessing the risk factors, process gaps and ROI for all three areas.

Our unique 4 pronged approach, what we call the Do More With L.E.S.S. Approach™ (Lean, Ergonomics, Six sigma and Systems thinking) is the integration and application of the principles, concepts, tools and methodology of all 4.  There is much greater power and effectiveness by holistic integration of al 4 compared to the oftentimes singularity approach. 

Why do we use this approach?  Based on our research and experience with clients, we’ve learned that the typical singular of focus of improving process, or people or the environment often fails to achieve the expected results. Surveys have found that 80% of companies that use Lean Six Sigma have not realized their expected value from their efforts, and 74% has failed to achieve their savings target. One can reduce waste but create new risk factors for human injury and error.  One can improve safety but develop new bottlenecks or longer cycle time.  One can improve the quality and production in one area of the company but fail to capitalize on those gains by ignoring other areas that are the inputs or outputs to that area.  

Our experience across industries allows understand their unique challenges, remove complexity, deliver meaningful, measurable results and sustainable change.  From the boardroom to the office to the shop floor, we work for your company as if it’s our company.  We know people—We know process—We have the know-how to improve your performance