People + Process = Performance


Training is an essential component to any lean, continuous improvement and ergonomics program success. Having the right training for your key people will ensure that your company has the knowledge and skills to successfully perform the duties necessary to achieve the program goals.  KED has developed a reputation for outstanding education on lean, continous improvement and human factors/ergonomics.  Our training emphasizes a real-world, hands-on approach and are customized to match your organization's environment.  We continually update our training material and programs to ensure that you exceed your goals.

Training Courses

Our training consists of easy to understand and practical problem solving methods tailored to your company’s needs and environment.  Below are a sample of some of our customized training courses:


The manufacturing environment was the basis for beginning of lean, i.e. the Toyota Way.  KED takes a practical approach to Lean for the shop floor.  The basic course focuses on the lean techniques that provide the most value and easily integrated into your company:  5S, standard work, value stream mapping and Kaizen.  This approach leads to sustained results.  It engages and empowers front line teams and places the accountability for complaince with them. 


KED understands that deploying lean in an office or service environment is different to a factory.  We have learned to adapt lean techniques to fit the processes and culture of the office.  We teach you ways in which to cut waste out of your processes such as financial processing time, customer waiting time, response time on quotes or customer inquiries, etc.  We also challenge you to look at your computer usage time and server space, i.e. 5S your computer and common drive.


Industrial environments vary from small job shops to large factories with hundreds of operators to field personnel conducting various tasks that vary from day to day.  We are experienced in finding practical solutions to shop-floor or "outdoor-floor" challenges.  We can teach you to spot and resolve ergonomic risks by providing you the tools, tactics and techniques to identify issues, prioritize opportunities and implement corrective actions for low-cost, high-value solutions.


Today's office workplace presents a challenge to balance the needs to optimize productivity while meeting the office workers' needs to move and alter postures during the work day.  We provide clarity on how best to balance and maintain a stimulating and healthy work environment.  We make office ergonomics easy for you and your employees to learn how to identify and resolve those issues with no-cost to low-cost solutions. 


In addition to the above courses, KED offers courses for a variety of workplace applications and settings.  The courses can be quite focused, i.e. Value Stream Mapping, Standard Work, Clean room environment challenge,s or broad focused for an industry, key work group or job/task category, i.e. electrical line workers, foundries, warehouse/DC.


The KED Difference:

  • Skilled and Experienced Trainers
    Our trainers are experienced at training and implementing lean, continuous improvement and ergonomics programs, and practical, cost-effective workplace improvements.
  • Practical Approach to Training
    KED gears their training for adult learners that emphasizes group interaction, scenario based training and, if applicable, easy-to-use problem solving tools.  
  • Training that Fits Your Specific Needs
    Every training we do is customized to your specific needs and challenges. We teach you how to identify and solve your company’s actual challenges. KED will deliver the tailored training program for you at the location of your choice.