People + Process = Performance

About KED

KED, LLC (dba for Kelby Ergo Design, LLC) was established from a simple observation--there was glearing gap when it came to improving business performance.  Either the focus would be on efficiency and quality but overlook the people and environment.  Or vice versa, the focus would be on people (i.e. safety or environment) but would overlook the effect on quality and efficiency.  There had to be a better, more holistic and effective way. KED provides the eyes and experience to make sure you and your company don't experience that gap. 

KED is a lean, process improvement and ergonomics/human factors consulting firm. At KED, we believe People + Process + Environment = Performance. KED Productivity focuses on optimizing people, the work they perform while taking into consideration the environment in which they work. We are unique in that we combine lean, six sigma (process improvement), systems thinking and human factors along with change management into all of our consulting services.

We help companies resolve issues related to time and money--QDCS (Quality, Cost, Deliver and Safety). We bridge, navigate and conquer the divide between operations, quality and safety-by assessing the risk factors, process gaps and ROI for all three areas.


Our goal at KED is to always provide value to our customers well beyond the cost of our services.  We see projects through the end, to ensure our customers achieve the results they needs.  We strive to deliver real, value added results.  Take the first step towards achieving your business goals by contacting us today!