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“Standing Be Good”—Did Dilbert Get It Right?

There was a recent Dibert comic that poked fun at ergonomic consultants and the benefits of standing that gave me a good chuckle.  I think when you read it you’ll agree it has the wit and humor that we’ve come to expect from Dilbert.  I had a couple clients send me the link telling me about it and that they thought it was funny as well.  Let’s take a closer look at the statement from the Dogbert Ergonomic Consultant Company “Standing Be Good”.  Is it true?  Is standing—good?  Is it that simple?  If so, everyone should be standing all of their waking hours each day, right?  Obviously, that’s an exaggerated question.  It wouldn’t be good for people to stand all day, every day.  Just like it’s not good for people to sit all day, every day.  I can ascertain the reason behind this cartoon came from the news that “sitting is the new smoking”, i.e. sitting disease.  I’ve written other articles and blogs on sitting disease, sitting vs. standing and other office ergonomics topics which will provide you will much more detail than what the Dogbert Ergonomic Consultant said.   I agree that ergonomics doesn’t have to be complicated.  If I were the Dogbert Ergonomic Consultant this would be simple and straightforward recommendation for sitting and standing at work:  Alternating Between Sitting and Standing Be Good.  Now that’s not complicated!