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Tips for Setting Up the Home Office

More and more workers are working from home these days.  It’s just an important for the home office to be set up correctly as the corporate office.  The following are tips for proper home office set up:

  1. Choose the right space:  considerations should include your preferences for environment and work process/style.  What type of environment do you thrive on?  Do you like working in a quiet, closed off area or do you prefer to be in open spaces where family may pass by?  Do you want a lot of light, i.e. windows?  The couch or kitchen table is not adequate.  You need to have a workspace that is solely used as your workspace.
  2. Use external equipment:  Laptops are the computer of choice for home office workers, however, that doesn’t mean the laptop should be the only device.  External devices should be standard equipment for the home office.  Devices include a monitor, mouse and keyboard.  This will allow you to set up the monitor to fit your eyes and the place the keyboard/mouse to fit your hands.  Do you use a phone for your job?  If so, be sure you have a hands-free option such as Bluetooth devices for cellphones.
  3. Workstation height matters:  Measure the height of your home office desk.  Does it fit you?  By this I mean, with your feet comfortably resting on the floor (hips and knees between 90-110 degrees), your desk height should at minimum match your elbow height.  Even better would be that your desk is 1-2” below elbow height.  Most fixed height desks are 29” or 30” which is too high for most.  A good solution would be an adjustable height desk (lower cost options are available from Ikea) or sit-stand add-ons (such as Ergotron Workfit).
  4. Keep it clean and organized:  Keep cables and cords organized, off the floor and out of the way.  Be sure you have good leg space and clearance under the desk.