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5 Reasons Why Your Vehicle Is A (Literal) Pain In The Back And How to Fix It

Does your vehicle cause pain in your back, neck, shoulders or legs?  If you say yes you are far from alone.  For those of you who don’t drive often or for long distances, the discomfort for the most is minimal.  However, if driving is an essential part of your job or if you have a long commute, the discomfort could be quite an issue.  In severe cases, the only fix is get a different vehicle which isn’t always an easy or cheap.  So, how do you prevent getting the wrong vehicle for you? First you need to know what causes discomfort and then you need to know yourself, i.e.

Gift Ideas for the Office Worker On Your List

You have so many choices for the office workers on your list.  There’s lots of cool devices and equipment on the market that also happen to fall under the “good” ergonomic category.  For non-office workers, I don’t mean to ignore you.  It’s just a fact that gifts for the office worker are much easier than gifts for the shop floor or outdoor worker.  There are just too many variables that go into non-office job to compile a meaningful shopping list.  So, here’s a list of gift ideas for your officemates, family and friends: