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5 Ways to Effectively Sustain Ergonomics

One of the most common question I am asked about ergonomics pertains to how to best sustain the program and improvements.  Most companies experience very few issues in starting ergonomics, whether that be initial training of an “ergo team” or making primary improvements to a work area.  However, sustaining those effects seems to be where things break down.  The following are 5 methods to ensure sustainability of ergonomics.

1. Integrate ergonomics into your current methods your company uses for sustaining process, quality and productivity improvements.

5 Ways to Manage Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the most common types of injuries that occur in most industries.  MSDs on average account for up to 75% of workplace recordable injuries.  In order to reduce the injury rate and related expenses, companies should focus on methods to reduce and/or prevent MSDs.  There are essentially 5 different approaches to managing MSDs.  Listed from least effective to most effective, they are: 

How Much Waste Are You Still Missing By Doing Lean Without Ergonomics? (Part 1)

It seems as though everyone is doing Lean these days—Lean Office, Lean Manufacturing, Lean this and Lean that.  Lean is a very good process improvement methodology started by Toyota.  However, Lean is frequently done without inclusion of human factors/ergonomics (HF/E).   This lack of using a human centered approach lessens the effectiveness and sustainable of Lean improvements.  This article will explain the reasons for that statement and help you understand that a significant amount of waste is still present after Lean has been done without regards to HF/E.


Improve the Effectiveness of Employee Training by Applying Lean and Human Factors Principles (Part 1)

Every employer provides some type of employee training.  The effectiveness of that training is often circumspect.  Did you ever have employees attend a training and afterwards you would swear that despite your ability to verify they were there physically, you questioned whether they really learned anything as nothing changed—not their skills, retention of information and/or actions.  Why is this and what can be done? 

5 Solutions to Common Mistakes In Implementing Sit-Stand Workstations

In my previous blog I listed out 5 common misconceptions and/or mistakes employers make when considering/implementing sit-stand workstations (SSWs).  SSWs are an investment and one worth doing right the first time in order for SSW implementation to be successful and sustainable and, of course in all business investments, to optimize ROI—employee usage, health & safety, and productivity.  The following are 5 Solutions to the Common Mistakes/Mis

Product Review: Lift'n Buddy

A couple weeks ago I attended as well as presented at ASSE’s Safety 20125 professional development conference.  I always enjoy spending time in the exhibit hall looking for new and innovative products.  There were two products that caught my attention this year.  The first I will highlight in this blog and the second in another blog. 


Lift’n Buddy