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Sitting Isn’t Really “Sitting Disease”??

A new study is challenging the current trend in thinking that prolong sitting increases the risk of an early death.  The study, from the University of Exeter and University College of London, goes against previous studies that state the act of sitting itself is harmful to one’s health even if people are regularly active or exercise.  It also disputes widespread recommendations (USA’s CDC and UK’s NHS) that remaining seated is unhealthy, regardless of the amount of exercise one does.

Sit-to-Stand: Effective Dynamic Workstations Or Expensive Static Desks? Part 1

Dynamic or active workstations are the hot trend in the office environment these days.  Is this trend a passing fad or an effective solution for sedentary office work?  In Part 1, I’ll do a quick review of what started this trend, define the concept of sit-stand workstations and some of their benefits and challenges.  In Part 2, we’ll take a closer look at challenges to use of these workstations.  In Part 3, we’ll explore the keys to successful implementation and sustained use of sit-stand workstations.


If Sitting Is the “New” Smoking, Is Standing the “Old” Smoking?

Standing in the office setting has become the “thing” to do since so many studies and articles have been published about the negative effects of prolong sitting.  Note: I’ve done many blogs on “sitting disease” and I encourage you to use the search function of my website to read more.  Sitting has be termed the “new smoking”.  There is no doubt that a sedentary lifestyle in the workplace or at home is not healthy.  There has been a rush to replace prolonged sitting in the office with prolonged standing, i.e.

Warning: Prolonged Sitting AND Standing Are Hazardous to Your Health


“Just Stand” seems to be the new office mantra these days.  Companies and employees alike are looking for standing solutions for the office because of the research and attention that has been given to prolonged sitting in the past three to four years.  Unfortunately, the narrow focus on sitting disease has virtually left the health issues associated with prolong standing in the back burner, if given any attention at all.