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Product Review: VARIDESK –a sit-stand computer workstation device

With the fairly recent identification of “sitting disease” and the focus on improving employee performance, health and wellness there has been a number of sit-stand computer workstation devices to hit the market.  Recently I had the opportunity to see, experience and evaluate a relatively new computer workstation sit-stand device called the VARIDESK.  I’ve seen the VARIDESK online before but never in person until now.  The VARIDESK website describes it as an “adjustable height stand-up desk that allows you to transform your workspace by switching from

Got questions about Casters? Here’s a great resource

In my last blog I stated that I attended the Ergonomics Applied to Retail and Distribution conference in Minneapolis.  One of the people I met there was the Steve Lippert from Hamilton Caster.  As an ergonomist working on material handling issues a question that frequently comes up whenever material is pushed or pulled is “what is the best equipment/wheel/caster combination for this situation?”  I learned from Steve that Hamilton Caster had published a white paper on Rolling Resistance and Industrial Wheels.  The paper provides an overview of rol

Product Review: Stock and Roll cart

Last month I attended the Ergonomics Applied to Retail and Distribution conference in Minneapolis.  It was my first conference I attended that was strictly devoted to this sector.  While I was attending I was thinking that there could almost be an ergonomics and human factors conference devoted to each industry and/or sub-sectors because there are enough unique work tasks, needs and nuances that could support what occurred at this conference—that was speakers specific to the industry presenting their current challenges, attempted changes and full or partial solutions to their issues.

Human Factors and Safety Features of the 2013 Ford Escape

The new Ford Escape 2013 has recently got into dealer showrooms.  It has been advertised as a complete makeover compared to the old model in both body style and interior comforts and safety features.  The safety features in vehicles today are quite impressive as they try to prevent human error and if error occurs, protect the occupants of the vehicle.  I took a test drive of the 2013 Escape which had a few features that got my attention.