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Product Review: OysterMouse

Another Versatile Mouse Option:  The OysterMouse

There are many, many mice on the market but there was one at the AEC2012 that caught my eye—the OysterMouse.  This mouse fits both right and left hands comfortably and it can be angled in 5 different amounts of vertical (supination to neutral) positions.  This unique and flexible design allows users to adjust the handedness and angle to whatever is comfortable—quickly and easily.  It appears be a good option to try for users who find the standard, supination position uncomfortable and for those with repetitive strain injury symptoms.

It does come with five programmable click buttons with common shortcut keys, a scroll wheel and is “plug and play”.  Wired and wireless models are available.

This is not to imply that this mouse is “the one and only mouse” but it is a mouse that would be a good addition to an employer’s “computer workstation accessory item catalog”.   A consult with an ergonomist would be recommended whenever purchasing a mouse for medical purposes.

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