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Improve the Effectiveness of Employee Training by Applying Lean and Human Factors Principles (Part 1)

Every employer provides some type of employee training.  The effectiveness of that training is often circumspect.  Did you ever have employees attend a training and afterwards you would swear that despite your ability to verify they were there physically, you questioned whether they really learned anything as nothing changed—not their skills, retention of information and/or actions.  Why is this and what can be done? 

Digital Distraction (Part 2)

In part one I discussed the findings of a new study that looked at the effects on performance simply from notifications from your phone—be it a chime or vibrating buzz.  The results were similar to that seen in texting and driving—distraction.  Although the study participants didn’t physically engage with their phone when they received the notifications, their mind engaged enough to lower their performance.  With this in mind, do employers need to consider even greater prohibitions on cell phones at work, especially for positions that require a high level of concentration?


Trying to Influence Employee Behavior? Don’t Forget the Brain + Environment!

Do you struggle with employees behaving and performing the way you want them to?  If so, do know you are not alone.  I’ve had three conversations recently which all essentially centered on employees not doing/behaving the way they were supposed to.  Just the other day I was talking to the Director of employee training and Operations VP of a manufacturing company.  They were telling me about the issues they were having regarding employees not performing as they had been trained, i.e.