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How to Spend Wisely on Ergonomic Products

Due to good marketing techniques, it’s often difficult to know if the “ergonomic” products you are considering buying are truly ergonomic and appropriate for the situation or if it’s all smoke and mirrors.  Because of this I’m often asked for recommendations on what products to buy and/or what to look for when buying ergonomic products.  In general, the physical characteristics of the product should fit 90-95% of the worker population.  There are books and online resources that have these measurements spelled out but realistically you may not have these on hand and/or don’t want to take the

Top 5 Home (and Work) Office Ergonomics Mistakes (Part 1)

Working from home is commonplace these days.  Many companies who have employees that do computer-based jobs allow these employees to work from home—from 1 day per week to everyday.  Having a workstation that fits the employee well is just as important if they work from home as it is if they work in the office.  I’ve lost track of how many office ergonomics assessments I’ve done over the years be it at work and home (and travel, but that’s a totally different environment).  There are common mistakes or misconceptions that people make when it comes to their computer workstation.  Take a look