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5 Ways to Effectively Sustain Ergonomics

One of the most common question I am asked about ergonomics pertains to how to best sustain the program and improvements.  Most companies experience very few issues in starting ergonomics, whether that be initial training of an “ergo team” or making primary improvements to a work area.  However, sustaining those effects seems to be where things break down.  The following are 5 methods to ensure sustainability of ergonomics.

1. Integrate ergonomics into your current methods your company uses for sustaining process, quality and productivity improvements.

Benefits of Standing Meetings


Improving health and wellness in the office is becoming a focal point for many companies.  One of the early “fads” in this pursuit was to transition meetings from sitting to standing.  The thinking was to use standing as a way to counteract the harmful effects of prolonged sitting and to burn more calories. 

Don’t Forget To Tie Workplace Wellness Programs Into Ergonomics and Safety Programs


Some things just go together, like peanut butter and jelly, locks and keys, and peas in a pod.  So why wouldn’t you in incorporate workplace wellness initiatives into ergonomics and safety programs?  They should fit together like pieces of a puzzle to produce a clear picture of healthy, productive and safe employees.


What Are Your Productivity and Safety Metrics

The start of a new year is when organizations wipe the slate clean and set new goals to achieve.  What if I were to help you achieve those goals?  What would it mean to you and your organization if I were to help you significantly improve your organizations safety, how would you know it?  What metrics would you expect to improve?

When thinking about safety, most people immediately think of three types of metrics:

“Safety is #1”: Why Employees Don’t Believe It

Why is it when management says “Safety is our number 1 priority” employees hear “Production is number 1 priority”?  The disconnect between management’s words that safety is the top prior in the company and the employees belief that productivity is the top priority is something that I hear and encounter as a consultant at the majority of organizations I’ve worked with.  A typical conversation with the plant manager, HR director and even the CEO/owner is that “we value our workers health and safety.  We want them to be safe and we’ve told them we value their safety over everything else in the