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Best Practice or Poor Practice: Stability (exercise/fitness) Balls As Chairs in the Office

The office setting has seen gradual changes over the past 5-10 years as more focus has been given to comfort, productivity and wellness at work.  One of the trends has been the use of a stability ball, aka exercise/fitness ball, as a chair.  My recommendation has always been to avoid stability balls in the office—for three reasons:

Trying to Influence Employee Behavior? Don’t Forget the Brain + Environment!

Do you struggle with employees behaving and performing the way you want them to?  If so, do know you are not alone.  I’ve had three conversations recently which all essentially centered on employees not doing/behaving the way they were supposed to.  Just the other day I was talking to the Director of employee training and Operations VP of a manufacturing company.  They were telling me about the issues they were having regarding employees not performing as they had been trained, i.e.

Benefits of Standing Meetings


Improving health and wellness in the office is becoming a focal point for many companies.  One of the early “fads” in this pursuit was to transition meetings from sitting to standing.  The thinking was to use standing as a way to counteract the harmful effects of prolonged sitting and to burn more calories. 

Don’t Forget To Tie Workplace Wellness Programs Into Ergonomics and Safety Programs


Some things just go together, like peanut butter and jelly, locks and keys, and peas in a pod.  So why wouldn’t you in incorporate workplace wellness initiatives into ergonomics and safety programs?  They should fit together like pieces of a puzzle to produce a clear picture of healthy, productive and safe employees.